The IAROT is an organisation dedicated to encouraging and categorising the throwing, tossing, wanging, and hurling of all manner of random objects in a safe environment. A select few throwing events are popular worldwide and many more have large followings in certain areas of the globe. Here, they are brought together for posterity, rivalry, and entertainment.

If you would like to host a random-throwing competition of your own, please do so safely and following standard safety procedures of your relevant local sporting governing bodies. We would be happy to consider your results for the records, but the IAROT accepts no responsibility for events not organised directly by us.


The inaugural competition was held on Friday 28th June 2019 at the track that would the next day host the world's oldest international fixture: the Oxford & Cambridge vs Harvard & Yale trans-Atlantic match. Athletes from both British universities competed, but none from the American teams. It was organised by Alastair Stanley, who also chose the implements for this first contest. The event was partly inspired by Roald Bradstock, who hosted similar events in the past and claims several unofficial throwing world records.


There are no established, regular competitions organised by the IAROT, but future installments have been suggested at Oxford's Iffley Road track and Birmingham.


Last updated April 11, 2022

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Coconut54.57Alastair StanleyGBRJune 28, 2019CambridgeGBR
Peanut26.26Daniel GregoryCANJune 28, 2019CambridgeGBR
Pringle8.97Daniel GregoryCANJune 28, 2019CambridgeGBR
Wellington Boot36.95Alastair StanleyGBRJune 28, 2019CambridgeGBR
Yoga Mat30.32Daniel GregoryCANJune 28, 2019CambridgeGBR


Coconut26.28Andrea Nóvoa MartínezESPJune 28, 2019CambridgeGBR
Peanut21.89Andrea Nóvoa MartínezESPJune 28, 2019CambridgeGBR
Pringle6.75Andrea Nóvoa MartínezESPJune 28, 2019CambridgeGBR
Wellington Boot22.21Andrea Nóvoa MartínezESPJune 28, 2019CambridgeGBR

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